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Jane @ 1

October 4, 2009

Pictures of Jane @ 1.


Jane’s 1st Birthday Party @ Home

September 7, 2009

What a crazy day.  I think I counted 21 kids in the house, but I’m not sure.  (I don’t think Patricia Rose is visible, but she’s there, somewhere.)  And all the kids were remarkably well-behaved, God be praised!  A great day.  Thanks, everyone who was able to attend and bless us and Jane on her 1st birthday.

Jane’s 12th Month

August 26, 2009

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Jane’s Swim Lessons

August 26, 2009

The Hooding

August 25, 2009

Sounds weird, but it is actually very cool.  My mom finished grad school and received her hood.  And she wears it well…  I’m so proud.  Way to go, Mom!

Jane’s 11th Month

July 26, 2009

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Jane’s 10th Month

June 26, 2009

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Making Noise

June 23, 2009

Jane found the doorstopper in the office this morning and played with it for about 10 minutes.

Jane Moves

June 23, 2009

Jane is practically crawling… just a little back and forth from the scoot to the crawl.  I think she’ll abandon the scoot soon.

Fire on HWY 395

June 14, 2009

How crazy, to have a fire a couple blocks from my house.  CW knocked on my door and we took off in his Jeep to get a closer look.  Our thought is, it was the Victorian style house on Hwy 395.  The police and fire departments seemed to have everything well in hand, directing traffic through unpaved streets to avoid the spray by the fire truck over 395.  What a night!