Jane Day!

Our prayers have been answered as Jen delivered (naturally/non-Caesarian) 7lb. 8oz./19″ baby Jane at 6:04pm today.  Jen was absolutely incredible, and Jane is perfect!  Much of our family, friends, and church family were there to bless us during this exhausting day.  Grandma Little, Mammo (Grandma Steinhouse) and Auntie Jackie were there for the birth, helping the new dad with his coaching duties as cool breeze fanners, leg holders, contraction counters, and cheerleaders.  All the emotions I’ve felt today can’t really be described, but the best I can do is say 1) my wife couldn’t have done better or shown more grace (and dare I say pizzazz) during today’s events, and 2) finally meeting Jane was better than any video game (lame comparison… unless you know me).  My girls rule!

Jen and I both thank all of you who prayed, called/harrassed, made food for, and loved us through this process… keep the food comin’.  I truly attribute our great success today to God’s unexplainable favor and incredible blessing over every step of this experience.  We are (as Dave Ramsey says) “better than we deserve.”  God bless you all.  And now I proudly introduce Jane Elise…



16 Responses to “Jane Day!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I told you she would be born on my birthday! Yay great choice, I lOVE her already!

  2. Rollie Miller Says:

    Congratulations, guys! I’m happy for you!


  3. Matty B Says:

    Congratulations to the new mommy & daddy. Can’t wait to meet her later today. We told the boys about her, and Gideon said, “We be good friends.” Supacute.

  4. Miriam Says:

    Congratulations and yay God! Always happy to see the Little clan expanding. Know that the NorCal Littles love you and look forward to seeing you soon – Miriam & Kevin

  5. Dorothy Says:

    Looks pretty perfect to me! Congratulations to all of you–wait, does that mean congratulations to Jane for being born? Well, you understand… I can’t wait to see her in person! What an adventure you have ahead, and what blessings! Love from Reggie and Dorothy.

  6. bobby Says:

    Congrats bro! Welcome to the club!
    Now the real adventure begins…good luck!! It’s the best!

  7. Sonia Says:

    Hooray!!! she’s finally here. Juliana told me she is going to kiss baby Jane on her cheeks, head and lips. She said that baby Jane might like that, and that Jen has candles for her b-day. Out of the mouth of babes… Funny, huh?
    We can’t wait to meet and hold her. Congratulations Little Family!

    Hugs & God Bless,

    Sonia, Albert and Juliana

  8. Bob & Shirley G Says:

    Welcome baby Jane. You are beautiful. Congratulations to the Little
    family. I can’t wait to see you. Blessings to all. Bob & Shirley

  9. Dan Says:

    Describing the emotions of such a day is impossible. But you’re right, it is better than any video game! Congratulations!

  10. Audrey Smelser Says:

    Congratulations to The Little Family!!! Truly every good and perfect gift is from above, and little (or shall I say healthy?) Jane is just that. She is beautiful. Cherish every wonderful, exhausting moment of being new parents. Your lives will never be the same, in a very good way.

  11. Tim McHugh Says:

    I’m so glad that all went well for you both. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Love ya,
    Uncle Tim

  12. Jeff Crandall Says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful girl. May God richly bless you and your family.

  13. Auntie Megan Says:

    I love her! And I love the video. Let me know when we can come by and see her. I’m sure you’ve had tons of visitors and are super exhausted, but the anticipation is killing me. I just want to be near her. You are right, Jen did so great and might I add, made it look easy. I love you all.

  14. Dawn McGrosso Says:

    What a blessing and a joy little JANE LITTLE will bring to you two. You are truly a family now. Love to all of you and can’t wait to meet her.
    Love, Dawn

  15. Karin Kuche Says:

    I am so happy for you both.. Cant wait to see JANE… Love You Guy’s .. Hope too see you all soon!!!!

  16. Lindseys Says:

    Congrats guys!! =) Jane is soo cute! Can’t wait to meet her. You might have a good babysitter when she’s a little older u know. 😉 God bless!
    ~Char & the gang

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