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Jane Watch – Day 25: 1st Sitting (Picture Day)

September 29, 2008

Our photographer, “missed the window” of opportunity, when Jane was content and happy.  But he still managed to get a couple cute shots.  Here they are of Jane in between her unhappy, crying times.


Jane’s First Dinner Out (w/Team Baughman)

September 24, 2008

Jen and I have the best friends… people who invite us out of the house – to exciting places, like the Aquarium, and Denny’s.  Below are pictures of our first venture out to a restaurant with Jane.  (Notice her “honey,” Gideon – who eagerly awaited her arrival.)

The Wall of Guitars

September 22, 2008

I’ve finally done it… hung all my stringed instruments (except the autoharp) on the music room wall.  Here, in all it’s musical splendor… the wall of guitars.

Jane Watch – Day 11: Shopping Day

September 15, 2008

Today was Jane’s first experience at Costco.  I’m sure you vividly remember your first encounter there.  She did great, slept the whole time, and still turned a lot of heads – unknowingly stopping many shoppers in their tracks to gaze on the cuteness.  While getting a soda, someone behind me asked “How old is she?”  I replied, “Eleven days, today.”  Every person in line honed in, collectively.  It was strange – and cool.  Everybody at Costco loves a baby, I guess.

Jane Watch – Day 7: First Bath

September 11, 2008

Jane got her first bath today and did great.  We tried to keep the cloth as warm as possible at all times, but I think she still got a little chilly.  So when we finished we wrapped her up in her “Hug Me” towel-wrap, and dressed her in a warm “I Love Mommy” onesie.  Check it out.

Jane Watch – Day 6: Homecoming

September 10, 2008

The Jaundice is lessening and Jane was released from the hospital earlier this evening.  Last night, she gained 3 oz. putting her at 7 lbs exactly.  All this is progress.  We kept her little UV blocker cloth-goggles because, despite the bummer of being in the hospital, they were pretty cute on her.  But she’s home, safe and sound, eating well and happy.  More to come, I’m sure.

Jane Watch – Day 5: Jaundice

September 9, 2008

Baby Jane will be spending tonight in the hospital in a warm incubator with ultraviolet lights to help her Jaundice.  It isn’t very serious, and there is treatment for it, so we’re just taking those steps so we won’t have any problems later.  Obviously, it is somewhat sad to see Jane in the hospital for any reason right now, but she acts fine, eats fairly well (and consistently), cries well and is generally very agreeable – so don’t get too worried.  She should be home tomorrow or Thursday, after being evaluated by the pediatrician.  You can always pray – and please, remember mom when you do.

Sauna Jane

Sauna Jane

Jane Watch – Day 4

September 8, 2008

I’d apologize for being a few days behind in getting these updates posted, but who could blame me?  I’ve just been hanging out with the greatest girl in the world, so, in the words of Steve Martin “ExCUUUUse mEEEEE!”  But now that I have a minute, here’s the latest.  We’ve slept okay 2/4 days.  But our families have picked up the slack and have given Jen and me nap breaks (thanks).

I think Jane is adjusting to life with air better now.  And, boy is she STRONG!  She’s moving her head every which way, lifting her body up, waving her arms around like a crazy person, and she sometimes puts her little hands in her mouth and sucks on them for a minute.  And she snorts!  It is so cute.  Oh – and sneezes more than I expected.  Also cute.

Jane Day!

September 4, 2008

Our prayers have been answered as Jen delivered (naturally/non-Caesarian) 7lb. 8oz./19″ baby Jane at 6:04pm today.  Jen was absolutely incredible, and Jane is perfect!  Much of our family, friends, and church family were there to bless us during this exhausting day.  Grandma Little, Mammo (Grandma Steinhouse) and Auntie Jackie were there for the birth, helping the new dad with his coaching duties as cool breeze fanners, leg holders, contraction counters, and cheerleaders.  All the emotions I’ve felt today can’t really be described, but the best I can do is say 1) my wife couldn’t have done better or shown more grace (and dare I say pizzazz) during today’s events, and 2) finally meeting Jane was better than any video game (lame comparison… unless you know me).  My girls rule!

Jen and I both thank all of you who prayed, called/harrassed, made food for, and loved us through this process… keep the food comin’.  I truly attribute our great success today to God’s unexplainable favor and incredible blessing over every step of this experience.  We are (as Dave Ramsey says) “better than we deserve.”  God bless you all.  And now I proudly introduce Jane Elise…