Oh – almost forgot

Jen and I have somewhat changed horses, midstream. Instead of working towards a repo, we decided to take our Saturday and cruise Victorville, to see what the developers were offering on new houses. Although they all began to run together at one point, we found a house we love and an incredible deal! We went home to process the information, and felt we would be foolish not to try and get this house. So Sunday morning, we were there early to begin the process. We’ll see how far we get down this road. No matter what, we’re confident that God will take care of us. Our prayers are always that God blesses the path we should travel, and close doors on the others.

House on Deborah St.


One Response to “Oh – almost forgot”

  1. John Watanabe Says:

    Hey, Little One–so, you’ve “somewhat changed horses, midstream”? Well, maybe you should get them thar horses out of the water and back on the track!

    But seriously, folks–you are correct, sir, that you can be confident that God will take care of youse.
    Kinda like what it says in Proverbs 16:9–“We can make our plans, but The Lord determines our steps”, as it says in a certain good book.

    “Straight Up” John the Watanabe-ite

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