…(h)And we’re back

Okay, I’ve gotten a better picture. Which is a better sample to use in the piano book?



(Okay, so I bite my nails…)


2 Responses to “…(h)And we’re back”

  1. Matty B Says:

    I’m at work. Addison & I both prefer the non-photo pic. The photo one either looks like a goth nail-painting thing or is just a little hard to read in comparison with the other.

  2. Jeff Little Says:

    No, c’mon… don’t hold back – tell the world what you really think. Give us a simile or something. Just kidding.

    I’ve always thought that the black and white hands were dated anyway. I have music books from the 60s that have those. Always a little weird… like maybe those hands are dead now… how’s that for goth?

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