Challenge #1 – Demo (no Bryan yet)

We’ve written our first song for the Masters of Song Fu competition – a theme song for our band. I proudly give you the demo version (named for its lack of Bryan) of the To Serve Mankind Theme Song (the 1st track – and hopefully not the last – of our Masters of Song Fu Album “Fu Serve Mankind.”

“Every household has problems… even if YOU don’t know about them.”
“That’s where WE come in.”

Sit right down, forget your troubles.
Just relax, release your cares.
We are here to fix up everything.

“Anything AND Everything!”


If your dog needs shaving,
or your patio needs paving…
All that money you were saving, give to us.

We’ll come and babysit your kids,
or bleach all of your toilet lids,
and clean up any mess without a fuss.
“Well, not from US.”

We are here, To Serve Mankind!


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3 Responses to “Challenge #1 – Demo (no Bryan yet)”

  1. Jeff Little Says:

    My favorite part (aside from mimicking Bryan) is the “OOoohs” on “EVERYTHING?” They sound really cool.

    I can’t help but laugh at my Bryan impressions and my scream near the end. They are hilarious!

    I’d love to hear your favorite parts.

  2. Debbie Kelly Says:

    way cute! lol

  3. Dan Says:

    I’d love to hear a few BACKGROUND comments like “But you…ed my …!” or “I said, …, not …!” Your concept reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. She turns heets into strips, strings beans and takes the spots out of polka dot dresses. The oohs are excellent, and I love the applause at the end and rapid fire list of jobs. Do you think you could get the first four bars in in just two bars? That would get us into it quicker.

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