Thou Shalt Always… BUY!

I’m glad to say the next installment of parody is here – riding on the backs of Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac, with their original “Thou Shalt Always Kill,” I’m proud to present to you today, “Thou Shalt Always Die.” One of our pastor’s most oft-quoted verses in the Bible is about dying to yourself, taking up your cross and following Jesus. Although I can’t quite quantify how much of the new lyrics point to that exact message, certainly, most of them are good guidelines to follow.

In my head, I must admit, I was writing half for the public and half for my daughter (in utero). I wanted the messages to be poignant and relevant to our society just now. Enter the song, and many of the references in my parody. As always, this song incorporates many of my life experiences. You may be surprised how difficult my life can be sometimes. Although not everything in the song is autobiographical, there is enough there to feel really personal to me. The rest is just good livin’ as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, if you are so inclined and want to own your very own HIGH QUALITY mp3, you can cruise over to my Speakerheart store and buy the thing (@ 192kbps), or be one of the first 3 people to comment on this post – INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS – and I’ll send you a free copy (@ 320kbps – I encode all my personal files at 320 – because it’s the best.) Enjoy.

PS – to ensure everyone can have a cursory listen to the song, I’ve included it at the top, but recorded at 64kbps – which affects the sound quality – and with so much going on lyrically, it gets muddy.  The good news for you is – the HIGH QUALITY recordings are crystal clear.

PPS – Oh, and I may post the lyrics here as well.  Check back for that.


4 Responses to “Thou Shalt Always… BUY!”

  1. Matty B Says:

    Comment…Awesome!!! I get the personal stuff. I also like the faux Brit accent. I really do like this. Wanna make a video with Daniel?

  2. debbie kelly Says:

    Is that REALLY you rapping???? I would have never known. Way cool!

  3. debbie kelly Says:

    I’m trying to Buy one of the albums on but nothing happens when I click on “Buy”. Is anyone else having problems with that?

  4. Jeff Little Says:

    When you click on “BUY,” the album is added to your cart. The icon on the top right of the page should reflect your addition. To purchase the album, you must either “LOGIN” or JOIN.” It should be fairly straightforward after that. Thanks for your interest and good luck.

    (If you just can’t make that work, let me know and I’ll do two things for you: 1) look further into it, 2) create a physical CD for you to purchase.)

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