This may be it

Our 4th attempt at buying a house. So far, no other offers (that’s why we went looking on a Tuesday), and we’ve met the asking price… sort of. 4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, nice & quiet neighborhood – great next door neighbor. It’s in the Snowline School District.  We have our offer in now.  We should know more by Thursday.

Pepperwood House


2 Responses to “This may be it”

  1. debbie kelly Says:

    Have you heard anything? This looks like a great house. When I put my offer in on a house and got the banks counter offer on Wednesday, my first prayer was that I didn’t want to get a house before you and Jen. So when you told me about this house at practice Thursday I was elated and so amazed at how God is working this house thing out for both of us AT THE SAME TIME. How cool is that? The uncool thing is that we won’t be able to help each other with the moving and the fixing because we will be doing it at the same time most likely. I’m praying for a 30 day escrow since I have to be out of my house June 16th for the new renters. But knowing God, everything will work out just fine!

  2. Jeff Little Says:

    No word as of 11:38pm, Wednesday, May 21. But we remain hopeful.

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