I’d like you to consider this…

Matt sent me a link to some of these guys’ music. I was digging around a little and found “Letter From God to Man.” At first, I was impressed by the music and the flow, but put off by the lyrics. I then searched them out and carefully combed them for content. I’m less anxious about their meaning on second glance. I listened to it and had some misgivings about some of the lyrics, but, looking closer, I can see truth where I didn’t before. There may be some concepts in here that may be potentially harmful to one’s best understanding of who God is, but for Christians who know God is perfect, I think we may be able to see the whole picture better, and appreciate the art for what it is, a call to quit blaming our own agendas on God and do better – in His name or not – just do better. I’d like to get your thoughts on this. Respond however you like. You can read the full lyrics here.


One Response to “I’d like you to consider this…”

  1. Jeff Little Says:

    I’ll kick us off… I think as art, it is impressive. I like his perspective, and that he would portray God as graceful and complimentary. The idea that God is pleased with certain works of ours is very valuable. We all need to know that God wants us to progress and succeed. I think that contributes to our continuing to try.

    I have more thoughts, but I won’t steal all your ideas. I’d rather hear them from you.

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