The boys

Someone is sick.  We thought it was Bagel (left) the past 2 days, so we were planning on taking him to the vet – which we really need to do anyway as I’m sure Dr. Jessen will want to meet him – but it seems that Bagel is fine, and actually Banjo is the sickie.  We figured because Bagel was near the ‘scene of the crime’ each time, he was the offender, but I think he’s probably just interested – so he goes and checks out all the new smells.

Bagel really does like to smell things.  We knew Banjo sniffed things out, but NOTHING like this!  Bagel has been so much fun to hang with.  We are learning who he is and that is incredible.  He likes to be with us all the time – and prefers it if we are all together.  He lays against the couch at our feet, or (to his first family’s dismay) on the couch with us.  He’ll get right in your face and breathe you in – but not kiss.  We love that.  He doesn’t love to howl, like Banjo does.  But he does love to eat!  Good thing PetSmart is sending us those coupons.  We’re gonna need ’em.

Like bunk beds


3 Responses to “The boys”

  1. Mom Says:

    Bagel really is such a cool dog. He’s my granddog, of course, but I love him. He fits right in the family. Is Banjo feeling better yet?

  2. Mom Says:

    How are the dogs? What did Dr. J say about Bagel? I thought Banjo had been sick. How is he now?

  3. Jeff Little Says:

    They are both feeling better. I think Bagel had the bug and gave it to Banjo. Anyway, Bagel weighs 32.5 lbs, Banjo weighs 25. Dr. J thinks he looks good, and says he is very sweet. It’s nice to get Bagel “in the system.” Now our vet will know when he was vaccinated, and de-wormed, etc. so we can get our checkup dates right.

    Banjo and Bagel both need their teeth cleaned, though. Tartar buildup. Jen and I should really brush their teeth. We’re working up to it. Bagel doesn’t even do a good “CHECK” yet, much less letting us dig around in his mouth with a toothbrush. We’ll see.

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