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Challenge #1 – Voting Update…

May 29, 2008

As of 10:39pm, June 4th, To Serve Mankind is #4 of the challengers, with 124/1227 votes. (Inspector Lex Friedman must have a lot of friends…)

Keep those votes comin’ in, folks. Good songwriting must prevail!



It’s your DUTY, people!

May 29, 2008

Voting commences NOW! Head over to Quick Stop Entertainment/Masters of Song Fu and place your VOTE. You only get one, so choose wisely. I’d suggest listening to all the songs, then making your decision. Don’t just vote for us because you know us… vote for us because we are the best. And if we’re not the best, vote for someone else. That’s how we’re playing this game.

UPDATE – I found out (the hard way) that you can only submit 1 vote TOTAL, so when you are deciding, know that you can either vote for a Master or a Challenger – not both – even though they appear to be listed in two different categories. (Turns out my vote went to Paul and Storm – which I’m not totally sad about – they deserve my vote – besides, isn’t it kind of lame to vote for yourself?)

Jonathan Coulton described his song on his blog… I think I’ll do the same.

TO SERVE MANKIND is a show about two guys who own this van and cruise around looking for people to help. We do all kinds of jobs (listed on the side of our van), from Dog Grooming to Family Counseling to Secret Shopping to Septic Cleaning… whether you need it or not. “No job left” would be an appropriate slogan – although Bryan and I are keen on “We’re Professionals.” We start the song saying, basically, we’ll find the problems at your house so we can fix them… our way.

Quest for Accuracy

May 28, 2008

I just had a thought… does anybody else consider it their life goal to learn to speak the Bluetooth language perfectly?  You know, like when you push the button and it asks you what you wanna do – is it your dream to say it perfectly the first time, every time?  Or is it just me?

We need BOXES!

May 28, 2008

Hello, all. Jen and I are going to need boxes… lots and lots of boxes. We are moving sometime between June 17 and June 30. If you have boxes, know someone who has boxes, know where to get boxes (free), or have a box making factory that you’d like to fire up and donate, let us know. Comment on this post and tell us where the boxes are.


At Last?

May 27, 2008

Today has been a long one.  I took Jen to work this morning, then prepared paperwork for our pre-qualification, emailed those, then went to a meeting with our mortgage guy at Premier Home Mortgage, got qualified there and figured out the financing we’ll be using, (had a quick lunch with my sister Megan), then went to pick up Jen to go to sign the paperwork for the house, and showed my parents the house (model), then our real house – from the outside – as our flooring was being put in.  Spaghetti with Mom and Papa, then home to feed the dogs – now sleep.  It appears congratulations are in order – looks like we’re in.  So follow our friend Matt’s lead and get those moving arms ready… we’ll need them.  Thanks for all your prayers – seems God answered them.  Keep on.

We’re Half Pre-Approved

May 27, 2008

Is that, like, 1/4 approved?  We need two pre-approvals to make this thing go with the house.  One from our lender, one from theirs.  It seems to be a checks and balances thing.  We’ll see.  So far, our lender is good to go.  We are waiting for the lender from Standard Pacific’s side.

Jen and I signed a stack of paperwork, most of which we’ll likely need to do again (lots of sample pages), and we have a meeting with the seller in a couple hours.  Pray for us/wish us luck/pray for us as we take the next step.

Oh – and appreciate the magnitude.

UPDATE – As I was preparing the picture, I got word that we are totally approved – both places.  So look at that.

I am the champion

May 26, 2008

I’ve been saving this, but what the heck?  I beat Blue Dragon to death.  Got all the achievements – except the shame ones.  I’m too cool for all that.

Oh – almost forgot

May 26, 2008

Jen and I have somewhat changed horses, midstream. Instead of working towards a repo, we decided to take our Saturday and cruise Victorville, to see what the developers were offering on new houses. Although they all began to run together at one point, we found a house we love and an incredible deal! We went home to process the information, and felt we would be foolish not to try and get this house. So Sunday morning, we were there early to begin the process. We’ll see how far we get down this road. No matter what, we’re confident that God will take care of us. Our prayers are always that God blesses the path we should travel, and close doors on the others.

House on Deborah St.

Challenge #1 – with Bryan

May 26, 2008

We finished the recording today and submitted it. You can place your vote Wednesday, May 28. Hopefully the internet is kind to us and we advance to round 2, which won’t be easy, because the first elimination will wave goodbye to 14/19 competitors. Yikes, right? But still, we are confident. If this were real life, we’d probably expect the theme to do really well and the show to run until the pilot ended, then be canceled.

…(h)And we’re back

May 24, 2008

Okay, I’ve gotten a better picture. Which is a better sample to use in the piano book?



(Okay, so I bite my nails…)