I’ve got a crush

I don’t know her first name, but her last name is Pac-Man.  This thing has been going on in my mind for a long time now.  She looks every bit as good today as she did when we first met.  I remember all the time we spent together that summer in Michigan… (C.W. will back me up on that).  The three of us hangin’ together at the Gaslight Theater, or in the basement of the Bartley House.  Sometimes I follow her trail on eBay.  Now, I see her every Wednesday at Men’s Lunch at Valentini’s Pizza.  I just can’t get her out of my mind.  I’m sure you can see why.

Someday she will be mine


3 Responses to “I’ve got a crush”

  1. Allison Baughman Says:

    Did you buy it?

  2. Jeff Little Says:

    No, I’m thinking of making this a project for myself. How cool would it be to get every piece and make your own machine from scratch? I’m thinking… yeah.

    (I have to talk to Jen about it, though… jealously, you know.)

  3. Mom Says:

    I know her. She has always been one of my favorites. I like her relative with the same last name. I don’t know his first name either. Why didn’t that family give their kids first names? They only call him by his last name and at least she has a Ms. in front of hers. I don’t even know if he is married or not.

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