Culture comes to the middle of nowhere

Tonight, Apple Valley Ultrastar Theater is showing the opera, Madama Butterfly – by PUCCINI. This production was recorded by the San Francisco Opera. I believe it shows at 7pm tonight at a cost, per ticket, of $20. I am a huge fan of this all digital theater. The picture is the clearest I’ve seen – equal to Disney’s El Capitan! Amazing quality. I would join you tonight, but I have a prior engagement, so, sadly, you’re on your own. Enjoy. Oh- and if you end up going, please comment on it here. I’d love to hear reviews from you, my friends.

Also, tomorrow and Thursday, they are showing the opera Carmen.  Again, $20.  I’ll see if my Life Group wants to go, but somehow, I doubt it… unless it turns out to be Carmen’s Hip-Hopera (which actually exists).


2 Responses to “Culture comes to the middle of nowhere”

  1. Allison Baughman Says:

    I would go…but the kids….and $20 seems a bit steep to me for a “movie”…

  2. Allison Baughman Says:

    I’d spend $20 to see it in person.

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