Happy 1000th to me

Well, this site has over 1000 visits now!  That is very exciting.  For a while there, you were commenting about 1/10th of the time, although now it looks like we are down from that a little – with 1021 visits and only 98 comments…  Let’s get back to work, people.  Share your thoughts.  Tell everybody how cute the Lemming is (or what your favorite Lemming is), talk about where you want us to live (and how that will affect your babysitting situation), or just write (say, checks made payable to me – if you do this, I will relieve you from commenting duty for the day).  As I finish most of my emails – Talk soon.


PS – I’d just like to tell the internet how grateful I am to my friend Matt who helped me ship (& handle) 5 packages of stuff I sold on Half.com.  SHOUT OUT, MATTY B!


6 Responses to “Happy 1000th to me”

  1. Julie Says:

    i hate to burst your bubble, but not too many people really write checks anymore. now if you were able to accept, say, paypal . . . or visa . . . or even american express you might be in business. but checks? i don’t think there is much of a profit for you there . . .

  2. Jeff Little Says:

    Okay, Julie, you can give me your money through PayPal, or Visa, or even American Express – and I’ll relieve you from posting tomorrow.

    (This goes for the rest of you, too. “Don’t get cheap on me, Dodgson.”)
    *1000 Bonus Points for the person who can tell me which movie that quote comes from.
    **10,000 Bonus Points for the person who can tell me what character said it.
    ***100,000 Bonus Points for the person who can tell me the actor’s real name.

  3. Matty B Says:

    Actor – Wayne Knight (aka Newman)
    Movie – Jurassic Park
    Character – Dennis Nedry

    =111,000 bonus points for Matt

    Also, should I get some commission for the assistance with Half?

  4. Allison Baughman Says:

    That Matty B is the coolest…..

  5. debbie kelly Says:

    What the heck are you selling????? I want in on this. I listed about 50 books on half.com last summer and am lucky if I sell one a month @ 99 cents each (that’s about 85 cents profit) UGH! What’s the secret? I need to pay my mortgage and it’s more than a buck a month. lol

    Seriously folks, I’m looking for a home-based business – preferably eBay or half.com … something internet related – but I don’t know what to sell. Any suggestions?

  6. Jeff Little Says:

    Well, textbooks go for a premium – I’ve sold 2. PC Games from days gone by, like the Quest for Glory series, also picks up a pretty penny. I’ve sold a couple other games and CDs as well. I’m no pro, but I just looked around and asked myself “What I am done with?” Then I put that stuff up for sale. But, I have a desk full of listed items that haven’t sold. So, it is just a process. I will say that not being greedy really paid off for me. I filled PRE-ORDERS through Half.com for $50 when others had them listed at $75-$150. I’d rather have money in my pocket… dig?

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