I’m writing a book

That about explains it all.  I plan on self-publishing a book that would give resources to help newcomers join worship teams and do so with potential for success.  This is a fairly lofty goal, but I believe it is necessary.  My friend, Brian Keith, gave me an idea when we played the Rose Bowl together at 7-7-7 last year, and that idea is finally materializing in this book.  Currently, I am connecting with local musicians to evaluate the value, potential, and presentation of this book.  I’m about 20% complete at this point.

Also on the horizon are companion videos that will be available online – demonstrating how to use the resource and some practical tips and tricks that simply cannot be captured properly in print.  Another friend, Daniel Kruger, will likely aid in that portion of this endeavor.  So keep an eye out.  I will keep you posted on the development of this, my first book.


9 Responses to “I’m writing a book”

  1. Jason Says:

    Good for you.

  2. Brian Says:

    Awesome! Let me know if you ever want chat about it again 🙂

  3. jefflittle Says:

    Brian, not only will we chat about it again, but YOU, my friend, get the first copy – for free. When I get the bound books shipped here, I will send one down to you. Thanks, bro.

  4. Allison Baughman Says:

    Cool. Wow, aren’t you busy enough? You are starting to sound like me, Jeff. Take a deep breath….you need help…..

  5. Debbie Kelly Says:

    YIKES! How can anyone under 30 know enough to write a book about anything? I wrote the first and only CHAPTER of my book last October at age 53… lol … But, seriously, I am very interested in knowing what is in your head. As Ali said, you have so many “irons in the fire.” I think you must border on being a genius, but ….. Have you figured out how to fit in praise practice during the week?

    Carry on, dear one!

  6. jefflittle Says:

    It’s amazing what children can do these days, really. I feel confident that this book will help many people and churches in their worship teams. Many of my friends who lead worship are critiquing the basic layout now, so far, to rave reviews. The time spent on this book during the late-night/early morning hours have been well spent. It looks clean and efficient. As I consider the input from my friends and begin making some final decisions, the outlook is bright indeed!

    As for the much needed praise team rehearsals, that is a daytime activity, which is coming closer to beta as we speak.

  7. Debbie Kelly Says:

    Yes, it is amazing what “children” can do. I was talking to a teacher yesterday and he was telling me that his younger brother made $14 MILLION dollars in the .com business just in his first year out of college! MAN! Who created these brainiacs? Oh, yea … GOD! lol

    Jeff, I’m anxious to see you put into practice all that you have written (writing) in your book. I am aware of some things you are already doing and am particularly impressed with the worship web site: order of service and music online that we can download and listen to when you have an MP3 link. Great use of technology!

    Again, I am looking forward to weekly practices and a growing, committed praise team at the Harvest. Tapping into the talent in our church with duets, trios and choir is also something I am looking forward to. I believe this is going to be an exciting “musical” year at our church thanks to your desire to grow and try new (and old) things in your position as worship leader!

  8. Mom Says:

    I love the passion that God has put in your heart. You are creating and serving and praising. I think it’s so wonderful. Keep following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Remember, take time to have fun, too. Love you.

  9. Debbie Kelly Says:

    “Mom” this IS fun! lol

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