CCLI, part 5

Well, it is official.  I’ve sent my music to CCLI and await my personal Song Owner information packet.  I am really looking forward to searching the largest Christian source for song resources and seeing my stuff there.  My prayer is that God would use these songs to bless our church, and also churches across the country and all over the world… that one of the songs born in me would touch someone in need and remind them of God’s greatness, His love and His plan for them.  I pray these songs would be a reminder to me.  And that God would allow me to complete the entire process, including these next months working on arranging and recording these tunes to distribute here at as digital downloads, but also perhaps a full, physical CD.  I’m relieved that I’ve made this progress and excited about the next steps in this particular journey.


5 Responses to “CCLI, part 5”

  1. Jason Says:

    Whoooo Hoooo…. It is good to see that you have finally achived the first step in your goals.

  2. Jason Says:

    May God give you an adventure 🙂

  3. Allison Baughman Says:

    Congratulations! Yay, now I can download them and won’t have to type them in!

  4. Debbie Kelly Says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing some famous Christian band playing YOUR songs on the radio! YIPEE! That’s MY worship leader!

  5. jefflittle Says:

    Knowing that my church is blessed by the material is enough for me. To have it spread among my friends and used in their churches would be a major honor, and to think about famous people or radio play or worldwide exposure, that is for God to work out. They are all His songs anyway.

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