He Knows My Name

I’m reading this book from Tommy Walker (the composer of the song) and being comforted by each chapter’s reminders that God is ever-present, my help, my salvation, my Father, my Friend.  I just finished chapter 10 before bed and dug on this poem and wanted to share it.

Half of a Miracle

Sorrow increases our capacity for joy,
Courage is born out of fear;
Peace is delivered by a raging tempest,
Victory through struggles and fears.

The negative is just the conduit
To bring the positive through;
Our need is one half of a miracle.
The other half will come soon.

As Jen and I are seeking God’s direction with buying a house, we find ourselves in the middle of this, half anxious for the outcome, whatever is it, and half living with the Philippians 4:7 kind of peace, that of God, which transcends all understanding… the peace we have although we really shouldn’t be having it.


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