‘Our’ House

Jen and I have been looking for a house to purchase in this “buyers” market. We found one we really like in Apple Valley, on Lancelet. We put an offer in, and discovered there were more offers, so we are just putting in a best offer, today, and we’ll see what God does in this case. We’ve prayed and committed this whole process to Him, so regardless of what happens, we firmly believe He knows the plans He has for us, and will continue to direct us to the perfect house. But right now, we are praying that He moves within the paperwork and makes us look best to the bank.  Join us if you will.

House #1


3 Responses to “‘Our’ House”

  1. Allison Baughman Says:

    No Apple Valley!! =(

  2. Matty B Says:

    Can we pray for da Adelanto ghetto?

  3. jefflittle Says:

    You guys can pray however you’d like. Maybe God has a big house on a big lot somewhere near you for a little-bitty price. THAT’s the one for us!

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