I wonder, what do you think of the musical combinations at church?  I mean, is there any room to change it up from Sunday to Sunday?  Let’s say this week I have a drummer, a bass player, two guitarists, a keyboardists, and vocalists – then next week, it is just me singing with single acoustic guitar accompaniment?  How would that strike you?  Would you feel like I’ve pulled the old bait and switch, or would it broaden your worship experience?  The floor is open.  Go.


5 Responses to “Variation”

  1. Debbie Kelly Says:

    I like this idea … alot! Variation is the spice of life, and church for that matter! I even like the idea of changing the order of service every now and then.

  2. Jason Says:

    My church has three or four worship bands that rotate, they all have the same instuments, but the people change. Why not have different music sounds defferent weeks. Jazz one week, country the next… rock the third? seems resonable to me… but the key is that it all links the message together.

  3. Debbie kelly Says:

    FANTASTIC, Jason. I’ve been to churches who do that as well and loved the variety. There is so much good music out there and there are so many different tastes in music that we can make everyone happy some of the time. lol

    RE: linking the message together with the music: I used to be a worship leader and spent much time “linking” the music to the sermon topic. But I can honestly say that all the years I have either been on the team or in the congregation, I have never noticed the connection of songs and sermon. Maybe I have short term memory loss, but I worship during the music and am usually convicted of something during the sermon, and therefore don’t connect the two. Honoring our Lord is the common denominator of music and sermon, so I say let your imagination run wild! IMHO.

  4. Julie Says:

    we had this happen a few weeks ago, when we had no drums or bass–only two acoustic guitars. (and let me just say, we have an AWESOME guitar player who does an amazing job week after week.) even given that, it was ok for a change, but it would not be for me on a weekly basis. i want my worship experience to be loud and full of energy, and that is who comes to our service. people who want a different type of worship experience are going to go to a different service and that’s ok. (they probably wouldn’t like the decibel level that i prefer either!) worship is about leading YOUR group of people into the presence of God–and sometimes the style of music can be more of a distraction than a bridge.

  5. jefflittle Says:

    I’ve been trying to grow the team back to the place where we can accommodate the largest majority of people’s taste in our congregation. I feel strongly that we are supposed to serve OUR church, like you say. IF that means all Ukulele all the time, so be it.

    Job #1 – drummer.

    Next week, we will begin welcoming a guest drummer to our services (he’ll play at our place after his services on a regular basis, but not become a member). I’ve said this somewhere else, but it is worth restating, I think a crowd draws a crowd. Hopefully I’m right and this experiment blesses everyone involved.

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