The King of Kong

I just finished watching this documentary film chronicling the Donkey Kong Championship Title. In a nutshell, the world’s best arcade gamer, Billy Mitchell, and jack-of-all-trades, Steve Wiebe raced to the top of the Donkey Kong scoreboard, but not evenly, meaning Billy Mitchell would not accept a friendly head to head game, or compete live (even in championship matches in his hometown). On top of that, Billy waited until Steve put up his best score then immediately aired a video tape of his alleged high score, which was higher than Steve’s. Sneaky tactics, poor sportsmanship, etc. from the man who should be modeling the best qualities in a competitor… such a shame. My heart went out to Steve, who sacrificed to travel long distances to compete in public arenas, and who was never given the courtesy by his competitor of a legitimate competition. I was so disheartened by the events in this story because Steve was such an honest, straightforward, upright kind of guy – and was pitted against Billy Mitchell, who, at least in this case, “performed” very badly and disgraced himself.

SPOILER ALERT! – Secrets revealed below.

But the movie redeemed itself when at the very end, Billy Mitchell’s reign officially ended, when Steve Wiebe outscored him live and on videotape. Two separate scores now rank Steve as the KING OF KONG! And I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it. I think we need to see more nice guys finishing first.


7 Responses to “The King of Kong”

  1. Matty B Says:

    Fred Savage in The Wizard would’ve beaten them both.

  2. Allison Baughman Says:

    I remember that movie!

  3. Jason Says:

    King kong always want to save the girl? Billy and Steve are both dude names… where is the helpless girl?

  4. jefflittle Says:

    The WIZARD! One movie no one ever rented for me. Not the grandest parental failure in the world, but still… I was SO into Super Mario Bros. 3. “Parents just don’t understand.”

  5. Dan Says:

    That was a pretty good flick. You didn’t see it?! How…why…no netflix?

  6. Julie Says:

    you’re kidding me right? please tell me there in not actually a DOCUMENTARY about two guys trying to get the best score on a video game! i mean, i like video games, but come on . . . you made this up, didn’t you! i’m not falling for your little trick, but nice try.

  7. jefflittle Says:

    Notice I didn’t write the post on April 1. This is definitely true. It is actually pretty compelling as a video documentary. I recommend it. I think I gave it a 3 on my Netflix rating scale.

    1 – HATED IT!
    2 – Didn’t like it.
    3 – Glad I watched it once, but probably wouldn’t spend another 2 hours on it.
    4 – Really liked it and would watch it again.

    PS – Don’t hate on Donkey Kong.

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