The “Gift”

I never believed I had it. Maybe I hadn’t. But it seems I do now, by God’s incredible grace. It’s no secret that I’d like our worship team to grow. (misc. harrumphs) My personal bias and focus has been on finding a drummer up to the task. And the truth is, historically, I’ve not been great at recruiting musicians for the praise team – or anyone for anything. But I think I’m seeing a trend of late, where I think of a friend of mine, seek them out, ask them to play, and they simply say yes!

It started a few months ago with my good friend, Ryan.

We just went to lunch at Carl’s Jr. on his lunch break, I asked if he’d be into playing on our praise team, and he said yes (as long as I’d show him grace during finals). I gladly took that bargain.

A couple weeks ago, I called another friend, Jaye, and asked about his gigging schedule and how we might look at adding him to our praise team rotation (Bass). Again, very willing, and quick to say yes. He will begin with us just after Easter.

Today, I walked past a young man who looked like the local high school choir drummer, who I see at every competition I play for. Having walked around the store and back, it turns out it WAS actually him… Logan. So, right in the shoe section, I sat down and asked if he’d be available to be a part of us when he’s not required to serve at his home church. Now before you run for your pitchforks and torches reserved for “sheep stealers” from other congregations, know that I was very intentional about not recruiting him for membership, and made very clear that his home church commitments would come first. And his answer, remarkably, yes!

Honestly, I don’t have this kind of charisma or magnetism. I just play my piano, sing my little songs. God is doing something in my midst. It seems He really wants his people to worship more, and better… more better. So he’s brought us Ryan, who plays a mean blues guitar – and various Michael Jackson licks during service, and Logan, an incredibly talented drummer who has only played for about 3 years, but sounds like a seasoned veteran. These incredible additions, along with the internal increase of Shirley (Bass), Don and Debbie (Vocals) and of course, our entire tech team – you know who you are – make worship better and better all the time. I’m certain that God is pleased and loves to hear our praise. He deserves all this and so much more. So, for those of you who attend my church, thanks for your prayers, and for the rest of you, be encouraged… God is still working.


3 Responses to “The “Gift””

  1. Dan Says:

    This is great news!

  2. Julie Says:

    the Bible says we have not because we ask not. i always thought that was talking about God, but maybe it means musicians . . .

  3. jefflittle Says:

    Let’s hope. I keep praying.

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