Good Saturday reflections

Yesterday was Good Friday… well, good for Christians.  Our church honored that day together for the first time (in the three years we’ve existed as The Harvest).  Having prepared all the elements of the service, from the music to the Lord’s Supper setup to the Passion of the Christ video clips, etc, we knew God had something special in store for us.  Personally, I wanted to be ready for that big night – and tried to “quiet my spirit” in preparation for a somber remembrance of Christ’s intentional self-sacrifice on my behalf.  I was able to maintain that mood until a “lost lamb” walked through the doors and sat down.  We haven’t seen her for a while, and just recently, we connected on the phone.  Practically the last person I thought I’d see at Good Friday service, but it turns out God had other plans.  Even while leading the music in front, I’m sure I wasn’t able to completely hide my excitement that someone who has been away had come home to us.   Just a quick reflection and thank God for continuing to work among us in very real ways.


2 Responses to “Good Saturday reflections”

  1. Jason Says:

    Serendipitous events are always uplifting, but knowing that God planned that event is even more inspiring.

  2. Julie Says:


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