Musical Worship Leaders? (Musical Chairs 2.0)

So maybe this wasn’t the best title, but think about it… three worship leader friends, changing churches for a week, preparing each other’s teams, offering a different worship opportunity for each other’s congregations, and swapping stories about it all.  That’s gotta be cool on some level, right?  Even though, I know, we aren’t all good at change, I’m sure we could handle a little flavor every once in a while.  My friend Emily suggested this very thing last week.  I’m not sure quite what the results of this case study would be, but regardless, it would have to be a great experience.  I could just imagine the aftermath of this – our church wanting Emily or Tyler to come to our church and lead, and their churches just wanting them back.  (Only partially kidding – I wonder if my ultra-casual approach to worship leading wouldn’t blindside some poor, unsuspecting, Arizona Lutherans.)

What do you think about this?  Would you be into it..?  Does the thought of experiencing another perspective of worship at your own church do anything to excite you?  Let’s talk.


4 Responses to “Musical Worship Leaders? (Musical Chairs 2.0)”

  1. Jason Says:

    I am sure the variety will spice up the service, and the Musical Chairs will learn quite a bit, but as you pointed out we are there for God not for ourselves. In this day, of instance gratification, sometime the boring road is good also. At our church it is required for each of our volunteers to have taking a class “discovery 101” which focuses on the meaning of serving and the great commission. I think is a filter to separate the committed and passionate from the passionate and not-so-committed.

  2. Debbie kelly Says:

    Yes! This excites me! Kinda like going to a Christian conference and experiencing a different kind of worship setting. Who says being refreshed in worship is a bad thing? Then there is the “It’s so nice to be back home” feeling when the conference is over, or in this case, when Jeff comes back home to lead. It’s ALL good! Let’s try it!

    THink about this: Have you ever heard of a CHristian parent saying to his children, “It’s all about ME?” I haven’t. God is the ULTIMATE Father in that He gave his Son (His Life) for us to be His children. In that case, it is “all about us.” If you looked through God’s eyes and watched us, your children, during worship, would you enjoy seeing a new excitement in the congregation? Would you enjoy seeing that your children are learning something new? Would you appreciate the efforts of these worship leaders spreading their knowledge and experiences and gifts around to other church families? So my thought is that it’s all about God AND it’s all about His children in worship. LIke I said, IT’S ALL GOOD!

  3. jefflittle Says:

    Perhaps we’ll look at scheduling this exchange during the summer. I may try to enlist Bryan to go with me to Arizona and work with those guys for a Sunday.

  4. Dan Says:

    You could probably try it a bit closer to home than Arizona.

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