Or was I?

During my trip to BIOLA to see my friends, I had the chance to reconnect with my favorite professor there, Cliff Hulling (Theory/Jazz). During our talk, he mentioned he has been using my 12-Tone project each year in his theory classes. At the time, I was simply hoping to create interest by writing away from a simple, monophonic style. There is a correct way to compose a 12-Tone piece of music, a precise way, actually, that involves a 12×12 grid. Think of it like musical Sudoku – with each line containing all 12 notes of the scale, both up and down, non-repeating, etc. Each horizontal and vertical line must be precise to be correct. A freeing rule is that you may repeat a single note (as many times as you like) before moving onto the next tone in the line. I felt like a good direction to take would be toward chords and line as singable as possible… so that’s what I went for. Looks like it paid off. See it here.

Even though I walked the halls and felt strangely out of place, somehow God had reminded me that my time spent there was valuable and useful – and that maybe our reach extends a little farther than we think. (I just thought that was so cool!)


4 Responses to “Or was I?”

  1. Julie Says:

    oooooo! that was very interesting! it’s kind of like a musical puzzle, isn’t it. hmm. i am going to have to think about this. you may have to explain it to me one day. i’m intrigued!

  2. jefflittle Says:

    Well, the genre certainly isn’t for everybody, but I tried to dig into it enough to find the beauty, and am pleased with what I brought into the world.

  3. Dan Says:

    I really like this! Can you believe it?

  4. jefflittle Says:

    I can believe it. It’s good. For Heaven’s sake, young minds from all over the world are being partially shaped musically by one of my creations. Can I believe it? Believe it.

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