Out of my element

Two friends of mine held a recital today at BIOLA University, Tyler Thompson (Baritone/Tenor) and Emily Helvey (Piano). Delicious was what it was. The four hour round trip was worth every minute, to reconnect with these wonderful people, who make such beautiful music. I only wish I had a better picture to show for the experience… well, that and perhaps a level of talent anywhere near theirs. Tyler, Emily, (and Katie Van Kooten – “collector of countries) are all so fantastically gifted, I’m honored to know them. But, really that doesn’t express it right. What’s more, they are genuinely good people who truly love the Lord. There is the appeal. How incredibly cool to know my friends are still making music, that their music blesses people and their testimonies are increased of God’s generosity with gifts. And while they all are so extraordinary and I’m simply ordinary, we are all part of God’s plan to reach this world for Christ. Glad to be in that with them.

You guys get the cultured, and I’ll go for the common. We’ll meet back here in another 30 months.

Music at Noon


3 Responses to “Out of my element”

  1. Jason Says:

    I be common! and I done, proud to be.

  2. Julie Says:

    uh, i think you might be a bit beyond ordinary!

  3. jefflittle Says:

    Yeah, but I don’t think negative on the Ordinary scale counts. (Think number line.)

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