CCLI, part 3

Well, my timeline is shifting with regards to sending the materials to CCLI.  I learned that they will certainly include audio files if they are well produced.  (And they want me to send all the stuff at once.)  Since I’ve set aside the next couple months’ free time to work on this stuff, including getting a band together to record my music, I’ve decided to wait to send the materials until I have recordings.  I mean, if I don’t get lead sheets and chord charts right away, I should definitely take what I can get – so lyrics and audio samples it is.  More when it comes on the scene.


2 Responses to “CCLI, part 3”

  1. Julie Says:

    do it!!! here’s the thing–if i am looking for new music, i want to hear it, so i think those audio clips could greatly enhance the chance that people will start singing your songs. just think of that–people singing your songs in churches all over the place. wow! God is going to be hearing those words He gave you over and over and over again . . . so i hope you got them right (hehehe)!

  2. jefflittle Says:

    UPDATE – I spoke to a CSR at CCLI today and she said I can always update the recording, so I will send my stuff in this week and get my lyrics posted and deliver the audio files as soon as they are finished. Thanks for the encouragement.

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