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XBOX Returns

March 30, 2008

My XBOX 360 came home today, and you’ll be happy to know the disc reader is working just fine.  They actually swapped my machine out with a new one.  Good, right?  WRONG – in those cases, any downloaded games will not work unless I am connected to XBOX Live.  It is a hassle to connect so I don’t do it often – and now, if I want to play any of the games I bought online, I have to connect.  Needless to say, I am working on finding a fix to this – with XBOX Customer Support.  Tomorrow, I should find out more on how to resolve this issue.  (If you’re wondering, my Gamerscore is still in tact – and to date it is 2475.)


Shiyr (pronounced ‘sheer’)

March 29, 2008

The best new group you’ve never heard of… yet.

They are here in my home studio working to put their prolific-icity on pape, so players, get ready – the charts are comin’. As soon as Shiyr gets their first recordings completed, I will update you here. So don’t forget the name.

Shiyr is Kathryn Henry, Christine Sexton, and Candice Henry, three singing sisters with a heart for evangelism… for reaching the forgotten found. They have true hearts to see God’s children who are simply warming the pews turn their lives towards holy living in Christ. Their music is beautiful – I can’t wait to hear the full band recordings. Until I get my copy… keep checking back.


The Harvest is Here!

March 27, 2008


The Harvest is Here

(*Thanks to my good friend, Aaron Parker for the great bass work.)


March 27, 2008

Ryan told me it was good many months ago.  Jen and I Netflix-ed seasons 1 and 2 and liked them.  But the series finale (90 minute movie) trumped all the episodes.  This guy learns who he is and what he wants from his career and his life.  And even though he dumped on all his supporters, friends, peers and associates in the process, he comes out ahead in the end, and finds true fulfillment.  Andy Millman – ye bro’t a tear to me eye.

So, thanks Ryan.

You gotta hear this

March 26, 2008

Just a quick post to make you aware of a great song called ENTER THIS TEMPLE by LEELAND.  This song was included on the latest SongDISCovery CD.  Whenever I hear this song, I put it on repeat – over and over again, and wonder why we don’t have more music just like this.  The song communicates on a clear, common level, but also communicates timeless, intimate feelings of desperation for God.  I pray God works in me that I would be able to write like this one day.

The Baby

March 25, 2008

What can I say? I’m excited. Here are our second ultrasound pictures. No one is saying for certain yet, but we’re fairly sure it’s human. (Their guess is a girl.)

ultrasound-2a.jpg ultrasound-2b.jpg ultrasound-2c.jpg ultrasound-2d.jpg ultrasound-2e.jpg

And if you missed them by email, here are our first ultrasound pics…

ultrasound-1a.jpg  ultrasound-1b.jpg


March 25, 2008

I wonder, what do you think of the musical combinations at church?  I mean, is there any room to change it up from Sunday to Sunday?  Let’s say this week I have a drummer, a bass player, two guitarists, a keyboardists, and vocalists – then next week, it is just me singing with single acoustic guitar accompaniment?  How would that strike you?  Would you feel like I’ve pulled the old bait and switch, or would it broaden your worship experience?  The floor is open.  Go.

The King of Kong

March 24, 2008

I just finished watching this documentary film chronicling the Donkey Kong Championship Title. In a nutshell, the world’s best arcade gamer, Billy Mitchell, and jack-of-all-trades, Steve Wiebe raced to the top of the Donkey Kong scoreboard, but not evenly, meaning Billy Mitchell would not accept a friendly head to head game, or compete live (even in championship matches in his hometown). On top of that, Billy waited until Steve put up his best score then immediately aired a video tape of his alleged high score, which was higher than Steve’s. Sneaky tactics, poor sportsmanship, etc. from the man who should be modeling the best qualities in a competitor… such a shame. My heart went out to Steve, who sacrificed to travel long distances to compete in public arenas, and who was never given the courtesy by his competitor of a legitimate competition. I was so disheartened by the events in this story because Steve was such an honest, straightforward, upright kind of guy – and was pitted against Billy Mitchell, who, at least in this case, “performed” very badly and disgraced himself.

SPOILER ALERT! – Secrets revealed below.


The “Gift”

March 22, 2008

I never believed I had it. Maybe I hadn’t. But it seems I do now, by God’s incredible grace. It’s no secret that I’d like our worship team to grow. (misc. harrumphs) My personal bias and focus has been on finding a drummer up to the task. And the truth is, historically, I’ve not been great at recruiting musicians for the praise team – or anyone for anything. But I think I’m seeing a trend of late, where I think of a friend of mine, seek them out, ask them to play, and they simply say yes!

It started a few months ago with my good friend, Ryan.


Good Saturday reflections

March 22, 2008

Yesterday was Good Friday… well, good for Christians.  Our church honored that day together for the first time (in the three years we’ve existed as The Harvest).  Having prepared all the elements of the service, from the music to the Lord’s Supper setup to the Passion of the Christ video clips, etc, we knew God had something special in store for us.  Personally, I wanted to be ready for that big night – and tried to “quiet my spirit” in preparation for a somber remembrance of Christ’s intentional self-sacrifice on my behalf.  I was able to maintain that mood until a “lost lamb” walked through the doors and sat down.  We haven’t seen her for a while, and just recently, we connected on the phone.  Practically the last person I thought I’d see at Good Friday service, but it turns out God had other plans.  Even while leading the music in front, I’m sure I wasn’t able to completely hide my excitement that someone who has been away had come home to us.   Just a quick reflection and thank God for continuing to work among us in very real ways.