Joy, part 2

I didn’t expect this, but a sequel arises from my last post. Not only is it great to use your talents to serve, and in doing so, give back to God – but perhaps even greater to identify how to best serve – even if that means passing the torch.

Normally, I play the high school show choir stuff pretty well, improvising and reading the skeleton charts as guides. This year, though, they are playing 40’s swing music, which moves very quickly and has its own character that is somewhat foreign to me… certainly not my primary area of expertise. But some friends of mine from different churches in our area have been meeting to create a worship experience and I’ve met a great keys player named Louie. Already, from what little I’ve seen, I know he is the better man for this job. So even though it means losing out on hundreds of extra dollars for me, I believed the choir would be better served with him at the piano, so I’ve offered him the gig this year.

This piggybacks on my last post with service being our goal. At the Last Supper, the room smelled like dirty, Jerusalem feet. So Jesus got up and washed all the feet in the room, demonstrating his call to service. Peter had an opportunity to share in the service but missed it. Let’s not miss our service opportunities, but embrace them and do or delegate as the Lord leads.


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