Whenever I return to my old High School to help accompany the choir on the piano, I remember when I was a part of that group of singers, and other groups where we made vocal music.  The part I sang was generally the Baritone part, occasionally dipping down deeper in the bass clef.  You can’t really sing that (baritone) part alone and expect anyone to follow, or enjoy it.  It is meant to be sung with other voices to build the whole chord.  Without it, though, the sound is empty and lacking.  So today, I was just reminded about how great it is to be involved with a church family, working alongside people who share a common goal – of spreading the gospel via each of our many, diverse talents.  Everybody is important.  1 Corinthians 12 talks about the whole body and each part’s significance.  We should all remember that because we are a part of the body of Christ, we are each eternally important.

To add to the high school choir scenario, I always wonder if they realize what they are a part of.  Sometimes, they don’t pay attention, or bother to show for rehearsals.  Sometimes they pay more attention to how they look in the rehearsal mirrors than on their sound or their cues.  Sometimes they lock in and sound great.  Every time I leave that room, I simply wish that they could recognize the significance of the opportunity they have – and that they would embrace it, cherish it, and value it.  The same thing could be said about us in the church.  Be encouraged today to be who God made you to be.  Celebrate it and share the life that is in you through Christ with someone who needs your specific brand of love.


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