Jonathan Coulton in SF!

img069.jpgWhat a great show! Well, if you’re into zombies, planetary love songs, Rock Band, (baseball/history?), and cake. Yes, indeed. There was cake. Long time comin’ too. Paul and Storm were also a hit with great numbers like “The Opening Band.” Jonathan Coulton certainly is a favorite of mine. I finally picked up the entire Thing-a-Week Box Set, along with Smoking Monkey – which made the drive home a lot easier.

I’d like to encourage you to listen to his stuff and support his work as you can. By utilizing the Creative Commons license, JC allows people to freely share his music and the community gives back by sewing stuffed monkeys and ponies together – although personally, I think they use too many monkeys in doing so. Not only that, but they draw pictures, create T-Shirt designs, dress up like zombies (and offer to zombi-fy you too, go figure). You can download much of Coulton’s catalog for free. Enjoy, become a fan, then help him pay his rent by buying a Thing or two.


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